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55.00 Basic CPR, AED, First Aid


+10.00 Health Care Provider (BLS), Bloodborne Pathogens


+10.00 Narcan/naloxone - Opioid Overdose (BLS Required)

The content of this class covers both general first aid for responders as well as Health Care Providers. Your certification is good for 2 years in both first aid AND in CPR. CPR covers adult, child and infant resuscitation. We teach AED usage and cover airway obstruction for adult, child and infant as well. Our first aid segment covers a wide variety of medical illnesses and physical injuries. You will have hands on practice with our CPR manikins that verify your are performing the techniques correctly and will be given several real life scenarios to build confidence. There is no one better to respond than you! 

CPR 1 Way Barrier Masks

You must protect yourself from pathogens and having a one way barrier mask will help you do that.  Providing rescue breathing with protection against pathogens will give the victim a greater chance of survival until you can get them to a higher level of care.  We include 1 keychain mask per person and have additional masks  available for purchase for $5.00.  


We get asked all the time if this class is good for a young aspiring babysitter.  Yes it is.  Not only is the information crucial to the health, safety and well being of the child being watched but our instructor has extensive experience teaching students Jr. High and above.  He will break down the material and ensure that all information is explained thoroughly and in a way they can understand.  Personally I would never hire a babysitter who wasn't trained.

Class Time Frame

Classes take about 4 hours. Most courses finish within that time or less. Please feel free to come with questions. Nothing is more important to us than having you leave with both knowledge and confidence. The life you save might just be your own or someone close to you! 

Health Care Professional


Business Organizations

Many companies require their employees to maintain a current certification in First Aid and CPR.  If you need a certification or a recertification then you are in the right place.  You can call us to arrange to join a class or reserve our instructor to teach your entire staff.  We can teach for groups of 10 people minimum up to 35 at a time.  

Our class curriculum satisfies the requirements for Health Care Providers as required by OSHA and is recognized by the Oregon Health License Office.  If you are working in the industry and require a certification/recertification then you need to complete this class to continue working.  We specialize in the topics of safety, blood born pathogens, use of the bag valve mask, AED and management of risk/liability.  Disease route transmission and the use of sharps and housekeeping is also covered.   

Good Samaritan

 Our curriculum exceeds the requirements of the American Heart Association.  You will receive certification cards for both First Aid AND CPR on the spot. There is no waiting for cards like from other companies charging more than twice what we charge.  It's more important to us that the knowlege is used to better humanity than to pay for a corporation.  By taking this class you are also benefiting a local family who spends their time serving in ministry and mentoring youth.  Thank you for your support and prayers.  

Opioid Overdose - Narcan/naloxone Training

Narcan/naloxone is a medicine that rapidly reverses opioid overdose.  This training teaches signs and symptoms, treatment and drug delivery.  This certification must be taken with the Health Care Provider (BLS) as a prerequisite.  

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