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Tim Houser is our dynamic and engaging instructor who has the ability to connect with students of all ages from young aspiring baby sitters to seasoned adult health care professionals.  Tim was an EMT and Firefighter and likes to bring real life rescue stories to make learning hit home. His common sense approach instills confidence and clarity to even the most timid learners.  

It is our hope with these classes that you can render help or if need be, save a life.  Accidents happen and heaven forbid emergencies are out there but do you know what to do? Can you help? With this training you will learn the critical information you need to build confidence and do the right thing. Anyone can do this and there is no one better than you to respond.  You may be the only person close enough but do you know what to do? We'll teach you.

Tim Houser

Besides Tim's background as and EMT Tim has served in youth ministry for over 20 years.  He is also the Operations Manager for Canyonview Camp and has a unique ability to bring information in a complete, fun and engaging way.  Tim is one of the most dynamic instructors you will ever meet.  

I've taken more first aid classes than I can count and Tim's class is by far the best I've ever taken.  He not only made it interesting, he was very concise.  Tim cut through the jargon and made it real and important.  Everything just made sense.  You need to take this class. 

-Glen S. 

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